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Digital economy and industrial sector in real economy

The phrase “digital economy” fell on the first headlines of the media in the mid-2010-ies. The media began actively promoting decentralization, blockchain, crypto- currencies, the Internet of things and other foundations of the “digital economy”.


However, until recently there haven’t been examples of the use of blockchain and other achievements of the “digital economy” in the real production sector. These technologies have gained popularity in the financial sector while the area of production of goods that we use every day, has been left aside. Manufacturers have not yet realized what benefits blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring them, and consumers in the bulk are not aware about such concepts.

However, today we can note examples of successful application of blockchain in the real economy. Wal-Mart, an American company which operates food hypermarkets across the country, uses decentralized data networks to track meat supplies from Asia.

The technology was rolled out in October 2016, and the retailer has already received a real result. Until the time of introduction of the technology, the supply chain, although carefully built, periodically faltered, which is why the retailer could not meet the demand of customers. By use of blockchain, Wal-Mart realized where the “weaknesses” of the chain are, fixed them and made meat supplies more stable.

Yodse platform will allow all production companies to share the experience of Wal-Mart. Companies will get a honed technology for building production chains and marketing products.


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