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Industrialization 4.0

In 2013, Sberbank presented the concept of Industrialization 3.0. Its purpose was to create an interface for interaction of small and medium-sized enterprises with the bank. By use of Industrialization 3.0, manufacturing companies were able to increase the number of customers by offering their services to Sberbank’s counterparties, as well as attract additional funding.


Over the past 5 years, the situation has changed dramatically. Until recently, banks had played a very important role for companies that need financing, but today they are in the background. In the era of decentralization, mediators are unacceptable as they take away some of the profits without giving anything useful in return.

This idea was the basic concept for “Industrialization 4.0”, which formed the basis of the Yodse project. The bottom line of the concept is removing barriers between the end user and the manufacturer of products. “Industrialization 4.0” excludes all intermediaries from the product sales chain, leaving only those who are the necessary elements in the chain, namely clients and production companies.

The basic terms of the “Industrialization 4.0” concept:

– Direct interaction between the consumer and the manufacturer on a convenient platform;
– Maximum cost reduction for all the parties involved in the transaction;
– Maximum transparency of monetary transactions;
– Transaction data storage in a decentralized network;
– Compliance with obligations undertaken by all parties of the transaction;
– Integration of the real economy with blockchain technologies and the crypto market.


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