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Promoting your company

Marketing is closely connected to significant costs for both long-existing companies and new industries. In an era when the output of goods exceeds their consumption, the main problem is finding a customer and selling it your product/service rather than production of goods.

Existing marketing technique – production of catalogs, PR-actions, publications in Federal and regional mass media – is not only expensive, but also inefficient. Consumers are aware that these sources don’t provide them with reliable information, and therefore don’t trust them. As a result, companies waste money on promotion but don’t get results.


The Yodse platform will change the existing paradigm of marketing industrial goods.

Nowadays, only 19.6% of manufacturers use global marketing chains for selling their products. However, it is the Internet that makes promotion of companies more effective.

1. By use of the Internet, you can reach out to all of your potential audiences at the same time.
2. Information that is presented on the Internet is not imposed on the user, and it does not reject it.
3. The Internet makes it possible to quickly get feedback from end customers and change products, focusing on their requests.

However, independent access to online trading involves high costs of specialists and infrastructure.

Such a problem can be successfully solved by the Yodse platform. Manufacturers don’t need to purchase expensive equipment. It is enough for the company to open only one account in the system and offer products to users from all over the world.


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