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Blockchain and the real economy

Developers of Yodse ecosystem are among the first to offer blockchain advantages for the real economy.


The following types of manufacturers will be able to use Yodse ecosystem to promote and sell their products:

– Aviation and railways equipment;
– Automotive components;
– Mining equipment, road construction equipment and tools;
– Agricultural machinery;
– Floating equipment;
– Telecommunication and power equipment;
– Measuring equipment;
– Production machinery;
– Ventilation equipment;
– Lifting and transport equipment;
– Shut-off and control valves, bearings, compressors, pumps;
– Motor and turbine equipment.

Today, some people underestimate advantages that blockchain provides to the real economy. However, we can already observe examples of large companies successfully using decentralized data networks in production.

For example, Wells Fargo group, which operates cotton production plants, decided to use blockchain to track transportation of raw materials from Texas to China. The data chain in this case is a tracking system that reliably reports on where raw materials are at any given moment of time. The company constantly monitors the location of cotton. In case it turns out that a raw material has not been delivered to its destination, the company does not pay the counterparty for its services.


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