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How to access markets: solution

It is not only large plants that produce industrial goods. Current consumer requirements they bring for products (uniqueness, innovativeness) give space for small production sites. They are created from scratch and as a result face the problem of entering the market.

The Ecosystem Yodse helps to ensure that newly created manufacturers immediately find customers and begin making profit.
How do we ensure that?


How do we ensure that?

1. Reducing dependence on advertising. When a company just starts developing, it has large costs for both production process and marketing as well. Whereas production costs cannot be avoided, marketing costs are quite possible to get rid of.

Yodse provides an opportunity to do so. Offers from new manufacturers of products are displayed along with products from new companies. Advertising does not affect the client and it can make a conscious choice. In such circumstances, small companies, whose product quality is often higher than that of large manufacturers, enter the market faster and successfully build their business on it.

2. Decentralization of the market. Yodse is a blockchain project aimed at decentralization of the industrial products market. Projects such as Yodse do not allow big players to firmly occupy market niches and play the master in them.

Decentralized sites are built on new principles and cannot be controlled from outside. In such conditions, not only big companies can find a good approach to clients. Small business can reach out to clients as well.

3. Payments in cryptocurrency. In 2-3 years, cryptocurrencies will be considered by the top management of large companies as a means of investment and payment. Buyers of products will appeal to those producers who accept digital money.

And in this situation, organizations that are just entering the market, get an advantage. They are initially more innovation-oriented and will be able to switch to cryptocurrency payments more easily than industrial giants. This will give them a chance to find a major customer immediately after entering the market and conclude profitable contracts.


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