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Application of Yodse token

Developers of the Yodse token have provided several ways of using the token.

Owners of Yodse crypto currency will be able to:

– Propose ways of improvement of the ecosystem and expand its functionality;
– Make payments to manufacturers of industrial products to the account of orders;
– Lend crypto-currency to other users of the ecosystem;
– Pay with Yodse tokens for offer placement (manufacturers);
– Participate in Yodse referral program and receive income from attracted users;
– Pay contractors for text translation, video recording, designing industrial products and packaging;
– Store Yodse tokens on secure accounts for the purpose of selling at a higher rate and making a profit.


Also, the Yodse token allows you to increase the loyalty of those users who prefer crypto-currencies as a mean of payment.

Token Yodse is an integral part of the Yodse platform. It is based on a cryptographic blockchain algorithm and allows users to fulfill their obligations when performing transactions based on smart-contracts.

Token Yodse is not a security. However, the crypto-currency of the Yodse project will be traded on the largest crypto exchanges as a financial asset. The more popular the Yodse platform gets, the more expensive Yodse tokens become.


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