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Why is it important to establish a direct communication between the manufacturer and the customer?

Intermediary services are the real problem in the world economy. According to experts, on average, intermediary services cost 30 to 40% of the price of goods. Some other sectors of production see a figure of 100-300%.

Moreover, intermediaries do not produce a real product. The only thing they can do is to improve existing products or services. But most intermediaries simply pass the goods along the chain further, from the manufacturer to the buyer.
Blockchain technology is a modern achievement that allows to get rid of the dominance of intermediaries in the field of industrial equipment.


To understand why it is important to get rid of intermediaries, look at the following facts:
– There is no direct communication between the manufacturer and the buyer: the seller does not know what characteristics should be laid in the product, and produces a low-quality product that is not in the market demand;
– High cost: consumers are not as active as they could be because products they see in stores do not suit them in terms of price/quality ratio;
– Inefficient advertising: manufacturers make great marketing efforts selling their goods to the end user, but in the end they face intermediaries, for which only price matters;
– Non-transparent transactions: the goods are involved in several transactions on their way from manufacturers to buyers. Terms of these transactions are known only to intermediaries, and this can become a problem for the end user;
– Lack of space for modernization: almost all the profits of the manufacturer are taken by intermediaries, and the company has no money to improve production process and produce better products;
– Information noise: even those customers who want to buy products directly from the manufacturer, find only offers from intermediaries and are forced to overpay.

We believe that the above reasons are enough to actively fight with intermediaries and use blockchain technologies for realization of industrial goods. The Yodse platform will help accomplish this goal.


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