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Why Yodse?

“Why should I choose your project and not another?”, any client will ask such a question. And there is a ground for such questions: the product should “hook” the user. It should have unique properties and features which other competitors don’t have.


How will the Yodse platform differ from other developments? First of all, is a set of unique advantages.


Users will be able to:
– Buy high-quality products directly from the manufacturer;
– Spend 45% less time and money on purchase of goods;
– Communicate with the seller directly and tell it about what products are needed;
– Increase transaction transparency and control settlements.

Producers will have the opportunity to:
– Reduce costs of promotion of products;
– Immediately enter the market with new products and profit from their implementation;
– To increase customer base;
– To increase the value of the business.

Design organizations and departments will be able to:
– Learn consumer requirements directly;
– Create a product that meets all the wishes of the client.

Yodse Platform is a unique tool that allows for using blockchain technology for supplying industrial equipment.

We offer predictable, interlinked and advanced technological solutions. By use of Yodse producers and buyers of industrial equipment will be in direct contact, without the cost of intermediaries.

Yodse Platform will allow paying for goods with fiat money and cryptocurrencies. This will attract companies that prefer digital means of payment to traditional ones. Producers will diversify risks and get highly liquid assets by receiving payments not only in fiat money, but also in cryptocurrencies.

The following will help the Yodse platform succeed:
– Blockchain technologies;
– User-oriented tools.


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